What is the minimum age for membership?
North Shore is an adults only facility.  Members and guests must be 21 or older to attend.  Sorry, no kids.

How much are memberships for the season?
Full-time members $700/person
Weekday Only $300/person

What is the difference between full-time and weekday only membership?
Full-time has access to the club 7 days per week.  Weekday only can access the club Monday though Friday only.
(weekday only members can NOT attend on weekends, unless they are a guest of a full time member and pay the $20 fee.)

What types of payments do you accept for memberships?
Credit Cards, Cash or Check

When can I pay with Cash or Check?
We will have a designated location for cash and check payments.
However, the easiest way to pay is with credit card online.

How long does the membership last?
Late May 1st, 2015 – Through September, 2015 – Opening day depends on the weather

What are the club hours?
Open 7 days a week!
May & September 11am to 7pm
June, July & August  10am to 9pm

We are also open after 9pm for special events.  If you would like to book an event fill out this form at

What does the membership entitle me to?
• 1,500 square foot, 4 1/2′ deep pool
• Posh Cabanas with personalized service & luxuries
• Balinese lounge chairs, over-sized day beds & portable sun umbrellas
• Complimentary towel service
• Ping pong tables & accessories
• Upper level sundeck
• Air-conditioned men’s & women’s locker rooms
• Cozy fire-pit lounge
• Live DJ & music entertainment
• Complimentary wi-fi coverage
• Poolside food & beverage service
• Outdoor shaded bar & restaurant
• Gift Shop offering specialty sundries, clothing & spa products

What is the guest policy?
Weekend guests are $20 per person, per day.
Weekday guests are $10 per person, per day.

Is there a limit on the number of guests?
Weekdays(M-F) there is 3 guest limit, weekends and holidays 2 guests

Is there a restriction on the number of times I can bring a particular guest?
You can bring a guest as many times as you want over the season,
however, they will always need to pay the $20 fee on weekends & holidays, only $10 for non-holiday weekdays.

Will the club be open to the public?
No, the swim club will only be available to members and their guests.
However, Kings Oak next door is open to the public

Can I bring outside food into the club?
No, due to health code outside food or drinks are not permitted into the club

What is the deal with cabanas? How can I reserve one?
You can rent cabanas for a low food & beverage minimum. To reserve cabanas use this form

Is the pool heated?
Yes, the pool is heated, we usually keep the temp around 83 degrees

Are there special events at the pool?
• Throughout the season we will be hosting special events for our members and their guests. Themed parties, BBQs, Cocktail tastings, Beer events, and more.
• The swim club is available for private party rentals after 8pm when the regular membership hours end.
• We can also accommodate small parties for our members and their guests. Cabanas, private areas, seated dinners and more.
Event requests can use this form to contact us